Fixing a Dishwasher That Won’t Fill

Right now I have a dishwasher here and this bad boy only is good for storing chips. It no longer washes dishes because for some reason, it won't let water come on. I think the valve in here that controls water inlet is shut. I am going to show you how to replace it.

This is the water inlet valve, you can get this on the internet. If you search for this, don't take the first link that you find, search a little bit deeper, because that obvious choice out there is the most expensive choice you are going to have. There's no sense getting electrocuted doing this job, so I am going to go ahead and shut off the breaker label dishwasher in the breaker panel.

The first thing you want to do is shut off the water inlet valve that's probably under your sink someplace. Here is mine, back down here. Okay. It's off. Next, we'll remove this cover on the bottom here. This toe kick plate protects the underside of the dishwasher. Just removing these two screws are generally all that holds this thing on. This one has some other piece of metal down here with some insulation. Just get that out of the way too.

This is the inlet control valve right here. Your bolts on, to the front of the dishwasher itself, as this bracket and then this is the supply line where the water is coming from under the sink. We've already turned that off, so now it's safe to go ahead and disconnect this line. Once that is loose, we should be able to just do it with your fingers. There we go. Next I am going to remove the screws that hold this whole valve assembly in place.

Just two screws, can use either a little ranch or this takes Phillips Head screwdriver also. Now we'll disconnect the power. We've already turned it off downstairs, just pull that apart. This is the clamp that holds the line that goes from the valve back to the pump. We have to use some pliers on here to move that clamp up and off of the assembly. So I'll just squeeze it, I'll use the two hands here, I need two hands to slide it up out of the way.

Okay. Should be able to pull it loose. There we go. These are the valves. This is the original here, still has this fitting inside. That's the new one. They definitely appear to be an exact match. My Teflon Tape, let's go ahead and cut off a piece. When you put the Teflon Tape on, it's always good to put it on the same direction you are going to put the valve in. So I am going to wind it on this way, go right around it. Okay. Now I'll spin it in place, it doesn't come off.

Now I really would like this to go around further, so that the valve stem is towards the back. While I am here, not underneath the sink, I am going to go ahead and put the Teflon Tape around this fitting too. That's where we'll reattach the water fill line when we get inside. Okay. Back under the dishwasher. This is our water filled line. Insert the tube from the valve inside that hose and I'm probably going to definitely need two hands to do this.

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Ha! I did it one handed. Can you believe that? Way to go! We need to get that butterfly clamp down and around that hose, so that the hose doesn't start flying off when it has water pressure. Right about there. Okay. That's about where it should be. Next, we are going to test the power connector in solenoid. Sliding it on, like that. Now with that tight external water back on, check it for leaks. Water is on and it's not seem to be any leaks

Let's go ahead and turn the dishwasher breaker and the fuse box back on. I've got control set for normal wash, so as soon this thing is done popping out, we should see if it actually starts to fill. It popped out okay, now it sounds like, definitely sounds like there's water in there, let's take a quick check. Yeah, that's it. We have water! That, my friends, it's definitely water! That is how you replace a water inlet valve on a dishwasher that won't fill.

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